CBI Class Action – Case Management Date Set – Dec 4

Great news from McGuigan Nelson LLP !


“The date of the first case management meeting for the CBI Class Action will be December 4, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.. This will be a routine introductory meeting and clients are not intended to attend.

However, we have already filed our certification Application and supporting materials in the three CBI matters and will be pressing forward to a quick certification hearing.

Opposing counsel is JSS Barristers in this matter.”


Law Suit and CBI Rebuttal to Macleans Story

I am so happy that the litigation has started!

It know has been over a year since we found our investments were in real danger,  Frank Investments being closed by the Alberta Securities Commision then no interest payments coming from CBI we knew something was up.  My Wife and I freaked out this cannot be happening to us, oh but it was and it did.  As I write this I laugh about how Ron Cadman told me that the he didn’t like the tone of my voice when I confronted with a very simple question ‘Where is my $?” .  Oh and laughed when He told me and my wife through his verbal accounting wizardry that  all would be accounted for when the Red Deer Venue units get sold.  A complete lie as I learned that others were in the same boat as we were.  I remember Ron’s Words “Some times you win some and some time you lose some” .  And we sure did lose some. I promised to Ron that this would be the last time we ever talked and that I will be reading about you in the papers, that’s just what I did happen in Macleans last Fall. Macleans article

If you have any questions about the Lawsuit against CBI et al check out  McGuigan Nelson LLP  at http://www.mnllp.ca/     Then Click the CBI Link at the top.

Now on to my response to CBIs response to Macleans article which describes my wife as the investor:

Ok my response is in bold after their response to the article.

“To our Valued Investors”  Yes we are but we were more valued a few years ago then now most of us have no value left with you.

“would  like to explain to investors, that while the economic slump in Alberta has dramatically impacted a few of the CBI Group Investments Exempt Market
funds they have not walked away from the projects and have full intention
of working through the Alberta economic downturn and returning as
much of the investment funds as possible.” What  planet do you live on Alberta is booming ….poor excuse, I would have been more successful investing in boat for a  80 year blind East coast  fisherman then you.  Ya right returning as much as possible , I have heard recently of people getting their ,  CBI goose egg notification,  like  0 and oh ya as mush as possible ! you would return negative dollars if you could so we would have to pay you! oh wait that’s what you did.

“The article describes multiple Exempt Market  Dealers in the Alberta area that have taken or walked away with thousands of investor’s hard earned money. CBI Group investments would like to let investors know that Ron and Travis Cadman have not walked away from the investments that their clients have committed too, rather, they are pursuing all available options for investors with each fund.”  No the entire article centers around my wife “Maria” and CBI. All available Options ya right: This is the option we will be getting:  We get nothing,  Cadmans get it all. and BY THE WAY THERE ARE NO OPTIONS LETIGATION IS PROCEEDING.


As an example, “The Lake House” Investors were provided a choice of 3 options on how they would like to move forward with this stalled project. What wasn’t discussed in the article was that all CBI Group Investors were provided Offering Memorandum’s, which they signed and agreed too.  Ok I’m going to swear now; One of these Fucking options is to let the investors take over the whole mess, fuckin great for Ron and Travis, WE never even got a OM for the PIC.

It also wasn’t noted in the article that CBI Group investors continue to receive semi-annual updates on their investments. (Fuckin Lie never recieved one )


While we understand that a few of the Alberta investment funds have stalled due to the economic issues concerning central Alberta,  ( You are in fuckin la la land ! , ya your the fuckin economic issue)

we would like to let investors know that two of the Arizona Investment funds continue to receive healthy returns on their investment and make  any required interest payments.

yep when you Steal from Peter to pay Paul you can do this!

The founders of CBI Group Investments have been forthright in explaining the economic down turn and its effects on CBI Group Investments.

Lie Bullshit!

The  issues surrounding the Alberta Securities Commission, and the sanction on CBI Group investments in previous years, was for print advertisement that did not meet the regulatory standard.

Yes True you lied like you are now!

The founders have also been straightforward with the issues surrounding their exempt market dealer Frank Capital Partners.

Made issue known to who? I talked with one of your brokers Kenton Rustulka last year after the sanction and he didn’t even know http://www.frankcapital.ca/kenton%20award%20press%20release.pdf

The current issues surrounding the ASC and Frank Capital Partners has resulted in many job losses, which has dramatically impacted the investor relations department.

excuses excues excuses

CBI Group Investments will be increasing their Investor Relations department staff to ensure that your receive a timely response to your inquiry and that CBI Group Investment keeps you up to date with  the status of the funds you have invested in.

ok I’ll start calling… I’ll put down the number of calls I make and the number of times I get a staff member, I will post the results.  If any one else would like to leave some stats about the fantistically improved Client Relation Management process me please do send those my way and I will post. 

As mentioned in the MacLean’s magazine article, any further ventures Ron and Travis Cadman are connected with in Arizona, involve real estate transactions that are not connected with the exempt market or the securities regulators.

Right fucking on , no regulation …go to town with other investors

The founders, Ron and Travis Cadman, would like to assure investors that they have no intention of walking away from the CBI Group Investments projects and hope for investors cooperation as they make every effort to finish out the funds they have invested in.

You’ve already assured me that I will get nothing back, addtionally I will no doubt in some small fashion be paying part of your legal fees for the class action.  

CBI Group Investors/Media Inquiries can contact the investor relations department.

Monday ‐ Friday


Phone: 1‐866‐900‐3683 ext110


716 – 10th

Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T3C 0J8

Tel: 1.866.545.8998

Fax: 403.244.9419



Arizona Investar – I warn you “Do not believe anything you hear in the Presentation”

How can they still be operating in Arizona ?

Here is the next best opportunity cheesey webinar and All,  oh and Karrie is so polite the Last Time I talked with her … she was yelling at me. Bunch of crooks! ASC  are you watching this?

From: Arizona Investar [mailto:noreply@arizonainvestar.com]
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 12:24 PM
Subject: Arizona could hit full economic recovery in 3 years | ASU News


“As of September, Arizona ranked fifth among states for job growth, and the Phoenix area was fourth among large metropolitan areas,” said research professor Lee McPheters, director of the JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center at the W. P. Carey School of Business. “Arizona is expected to add 60,000 jobs in 2013”


Read the rest of the article:





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Thanks Tasmin Mcmahon for Writing the Macleans Article: How Alberta became a wild west for small investors

We are so glad that Tasmin Mcmahon wrote this

How Alberta became a wild west for small investors

as it truly highlights the failure of the financial regulators in Alberta, In hindsight it would have been better to invest in one of the poorer provinces in Canada as the richest (Alberta) is capitalizing on its Oil boom to allow shysters like the brothers at CBI to get away with ‘legalized fraud’. These Businesses should be shut down immediately and all assets seized. I am as well very upset with the fact that Boosters of these companies get fees just for referring these Companies like the “Bennet Real Estate Professionals” Greg Block did here in Ottawa. I in fact had him confirm this on the Phone. Your comments are welcome

Macleans Article will be issues this Week – Nov 25, 2012

CBI Group will soon be exposed In this Week’s Macleans
Subject: Re: CBI Group Property Income Corp. Website for Concerned Investors that may have their investments evaporate!
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:18:00 -0500
From: TM
To: cmaeb@sympatico.ca

Hi again

I just wanted to double check with you that PIC investors still haven’t heard anything from CBI or the Cadmans about your money. As I understand it PIC went to fund a mortgage for VENU. CBI did get phase one of VENU done and is still selling units in it. We’re taking a picture of it tomorrow and I wanted to be sure there wasn’t any further communication (or payments) from the company to investors since June.


From: cmaeb@sympatico.ca [mailto:cmaeb@sympatico.ca]
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 07:58 AM
To: TM
Subject: RE: CBI Group Property Income Corp. Website for Concerned Investors that may have their investments evaporate!

This is wonderful news, thank you for doing this article. Can you please send me a copy of the magazine that would be great.

Appreciate this, glad the news is getting out to protect other investors.


Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 19:29:09 -0500
Subject: Re: CBI Group Property Income Corp. Website for Concerned Investors that may have their investments evaporate!
From: TM
To: cmaeb@sympatico.ca

Hi ,

I’m sorry for my complete silence. It was a case of having to continuously shelve this story for other shorter-term assignments, which is pretty well always the case each time I’ve had a bigger story to dig into. I finally have a story written. It’s turned out to be quite a bit larger than just CBI and the Cadmans, who are one of the smaller players in Alberta that have lost investors’ money in complicated real estate investments.

I am focusing on CBI because it’s all happened fairly recently. I spoke with Travis Cadman, who says he’s still committed to finishing the projects and paying out investors and is otherwise done with real estate syndication. He was pretty adamant that I not mention his new company, Arizona Investar, because he says they are completely different businesses. But I told him it would be dishonest of me as a journalist to not mention that he’s got a new investment business up and running already while other investors are still out their money.

But CBI is just one of about 20 different real estate investment companies that have gone bust in Alberta recently and many had some similarities (including the same controlling shareholder, a company called Eyelogic, which is a sister company to Olympia Trust that administered some of the investments. They were involved in some of CBI’s investments, but it’s not clear from reading the offering memorandum that Eyelogic was involved in PIC.)

I’m hoping it will be a good story that looks at the failure of the Alberta securities regulator to crack down on these investment schemes and the kind of “wild west” of private investment in Alberta. I’m expecting the story to go to print at the end of this week for next week’s issue (which goes on newsstands next Thurs. or Fri. I believe.) It usually takes another week or so before it appears on the Maclean’s website.

Let me know if you need a copy and I can mail one off to you once it’s published.

Thanks again and sorry again for the extended silence.

On 12-10-18 8:45 PM, wrote:
Hi T,

I was wondering if a story would be in the works?

I know this is the same old story “investors lose their money to fake company” what I find really suprising is that the Cadman brothers are still operating under multiple different shell companies. I have had several other investors contact me about.


From: [mailto:cmaeb@sympatico.ca]
Sent: September-14-12 11:15 PM
To: TM
Subject: CBI Group Property Income Corp. Website for Concerned Investors that may have their investments evaporate!

Hi T

Great that you found the site!

It would be great to chat with you as this is a case where the 5th estate definitely needs the 4th estate’s help .

We know there is no recourse for getting our investment back our intention is to warn others and hopefully change legislation so that a least some independent Financial monitoring is done for the sake of the investors.

It’s funny that you are contacting me as I used the Macleans article “Vultures in the Desert” as part of my Cadman reference check… they seem legit. The Exempt Market in Alberta has real problems.

It would be great to chat with you.



Called the Authorities Today! RCMP OPP and Ottawa Police Department about a possible Fraud occuring in Alberta

I called Ron today and asked him point blank where our 50k was , he called me rude for asking and seemed fine with the situation we are all in. As far as the communication plan for the investors he had no answer, he told me that you can’t always bat 100 when you invest, I told him that I don’t own a porsche, a corvette or an escalde or live in a big house and that financially I will take a big hit, he said that he is working on a communication plan and a deal to finalize the PIC, I told him that it was the last time I will call him and will read about him in the News..As today I contacted the Ottawa City Police, OPP and RCMP as it appears that a pyramid scheme is taking place in Alberta.

Arizonainvestar investors be careful about investing with this CBI related company

As an investor with the CBI Property Income Corp (PIC) and VENU homes ( note CBI is related to Arizonainvestar http://www.arizonainvestar.com/index.html see my post here http://kbitsimple.netfirms.com/CBI/26-2/…….   I was to receive my full return on the PIC investment on June 15, 2012, now I have been told that I must wait 2 years before the units at the Red Deer  VENU project sell …..and after RBC gets their repayment first . To be honest I do not think I will get my investment back because I just found out about this, I have been dealing with



would you invest here?





et al.



I wish the cash would start flowing from PIC




this is where company shell games start….


Ron and Travis Cadman work for ArizonaInvestar http://www.arizonainvestar.com/aztours.html



Other CBI investors have questions about ‘Lake House’ in Sylvan Lake

I am posting this info for the Lake House Advocacy Group: I guess I’m not the only one who is worried.


Are you a Lake House investor in the Sylvan Lake – Lake House project?
Are you looking for information/answers? We are a concerned group of investors.
Contact us at

Finally Talked with Ron Cadman about the Status of the PIC, May 9, 2012

I called 1-403-237-8998 over 50 times leaving messages to call me about any new information on the exit strategy for the PIC,  no one returned my call at the CBI Group http://www.cbigroupinvestments.com/  . On May 9 @ 7:30 EST I finally got through to the IT fellow and asked him to get one of the principals on the line, Ron Cadman did answer my call, He said that we as investors are looking at 24 months before we get our investment back, he indicated that indeed the banks are inline for repayment before  us.

Ron did give us his personal phone line so we could talk with him about the progress at VENU in RedDeer…..This is the latest. If you are an investor please do contect us. Perhaps  we could share our understanding on what is going on with the Investment.